This is a collection of welding projects, i.e., all the metalworking projects on our site that require from you to weld some parts to complete them.

Free welding projects

Welding is one of the most common technologies for joining metal parts, and many people, not only professionals but also amateurs, know how to weld. Welding equipment is not expensive, so we can find it in poorly equipped workshops as well. Of course, when dealing with metalworking projects like us, it is logical that there will be a large number of them that we can call ‘welding projects’. If you like welding and have some free time, check out this collection of welding projects, choose one you like and enjoy making it.


Download free plan for making the seesaw. The seesaw is a very popular kind of playground equipment and you can see it in almost every playground.

 In this project, you are presented with plan, according to which you can make a Shoulder press bench.

In the free welding project that is offered here you can find drawings to help you make simple metal park bench.

Here you are presented with a plan according to which you can make Spiral wrought iron easel.

Here you are given a plan for making a Squat Rack, which can also be found under the names Peg Squat Rack, Squat Gun Rack or Incline Squat Rack.

With this plan you can make a very simple standing press. The plan was made on the basis of a press seen in a workshop.

Here is a plan for making a vertical plant holder with three shelves, which can be a nice and practical home or porch decoration.

Here you can download a plan for the making of a piece of playground structure that we have called the ‘Tunnel climber’.

Here you are offered a plan according to which you can make multifunctional piece of fitness equipment Vertical knee raise chin dip station.

On this page we are presenting plans with which you can make 2 versions of the same playground equipment called ‘wave ladder climber’.