We offer the plan for the round wooden trivet with scroll saw pattern. You can cut the pattern with the scroll saw technique or with the laser cutter

You can adjust dimensions of trivet for your need, and the pattern that you will use depends only on your personal taste. You can find many patterns in the category of our site Free patterns.

The trivets are kitchen utensils that are used to protect kitchen working surfaces and table tops from the heat damage. Trivets often have a decorative function, because they can be decorated in many ways during the manufacture, so they can represent a beautiful table decoration when the food is serving. They can be made out of natural materials such as wood, cork, bamboo and many other materials such as glass, silicon, ceramic or metal. Trivets are usually made ​​in the form of flat plate with the round, square or some similar shape, with or without legs. Besides playing with the shape of trivet, there are many possibilities to decorate its surface by painting, combinations of different materials or carving.

In order to make a trivet with a proper function for protecting from the heat transmission, it should be made out of the heat resistant material, which will endure wide range of temperatures and contacts with hot metal without damage. A good trivet should have many grooves and channels, through which air could circulate and disperse the heat.


Trivet with pattern plan
Project difficulty
Skill level
for beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Basic hand toools
Laser cutter

160mm (6.3'') in diameter and 10mm (0.39'') thickness


Wood is one of the best and a most commonly used material for trivets. To make your wooden trivet, you can use various types of wood, such as maple wood, olive wood, beech, birch, aspen, poplar, oak, walnut, ash, cherry and many others. Since trivet is not intended to come into direct contact with food or to get wet often, you have much bigger choice of wood types than when making other kitchen utensils. You can use even wood with large and open pores (red or white oak) or the one which is not extremely water resistant. Trivet is one of the woodworking items that can stand mistakes and imperfections during its manufacture, and therefore manufacturing the wooden trivets is ideal for practicing woodworking skills and to get familiar with the new machines. Besides this, you do not need much material or time for the wooden trivet manufacture, so you can focus on details and make very beautiful, inexpensive and simple but useful decoration for your kitchen or a gift.


Trivet with pattern - Drawing


The pattern you choose should be at first drawn on wood and then carefully cut out according to drawing. Another way is to print the pattern on paper and then glue the paper on wood. Drill holes near inside corners of the pattern, to serve as starter holes for scroll saw blade. Carefully follow the layout lines. Try to do cutting of particular lines as much as possible in a single pass, because stopping and starting your motion leads to rough cuts.

Sand all surfaces of wooden trivet. To emphasize wood figure, you should apply finish. In doing so you should keep in mind that the trivet will often be in contact with hot metal, so you have to consider this and choose some reasonably heat-resistant finish. At this point, a thin, penetrating finish is much better chioce than a thick surface coating. It is not recommended to use beeswax, because it will melt in contact with hot dishes and panes and make stains on it.

Maintain this trivet by wiping with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water and never wash it in the dishwasher.


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