If you are looking for a plan to create something that will be a gift for your family members, friends or colleagues, then it pays to look at the projects in this collection.

To buy something and give it as a gift to someone is a nice gesture, but to make something beautiful or useful with your own hands, and give it to someone as a gift is not only an act of kindness, it also tells that person that you respect them very much. “Gift Ideas” category of projects has been created to give you ideas on what to make on your own and give to someone else. These are not big and expensive projects, but projects that may help you make lots of useful things which will show people dear to you that you love and respect them, and which will make them feel happy and special.


With the free project that you can download on this page you can make a famous dissection puzzle Tangram, a perfect educational gift for kids.

With this plan you can make a Turned box with combination lock lid, a perfect gift for a family member, friend, work colleague etc.

 Within this woodturning project collection, you can find 25 drawings and 3D models to help you make turned wooden boxes.

Here you can dowload a 3D model and a free woodturning plan for the making of a wooden candle holder.


On this page you can download "do it yourself" woodturning project (and 3D model) for the making of a turned wooden goblet.

Using drawings provided in this woodworking plan you can make a Vintage toy plane.

Here you can download a free "Do it yourself" project for the making of a wine bottle and glass holder.

Here you can download a plan for making a wire puzzle. The wire puzzle, as its very name suggests, is made from wire and consists of two or several interlocked parts.

On this page you can find three woodturning projects that you can use for making animal figurines, a wonderful gift for both boys and girls whether it's Christmas, birthday or any other occasion.

Here you can download a plan for making a wooden ball massager, which can often be found under the name ‘4-legged ball massager’.

There are many variants of the wooden fruit dish, and in our free woodturning project  you can see one of them.

With this free "do it yourself" project you can make a beautiful and durable heirloom baby rattle.

On this page you can download two plans that can help you make Wooden kitchen tongs (toast tongs), a convenient gift for anyone that does a lot of cooking.

There are several types of the wooden perpetual calendar, and we are offering you plans for the manufacture of two types.

This wooden puzzle box, whose plan we are offering here to you, is quite interesting because it has two opening mechanisms.

Ring baby rattle in this free project has rounded shape and gentle curved edges, so it will be quite pleasant for your baby to touch it.