This collection of laser cutting projects was created when we realized that there were many projects on our site suitable for laser cutting (scattered in many different categories, though).

Free laser cutting projects

In this way, we enabled the owners of laser cutter machines to access these projects very quickly, so that they could choose the right one(s) and engage their machines. Laser cutting projects are available in vector .svg file format and 2D CAD (.dwg and/or .dxf) file formats. Nowadays, any software used to prepare files for feeding into a laser cutting machine can import at least one of the above file formats, so hopefully you won't have any major problems in your work.


On this page you can download a plan by which you can make an interesting and educational toy that we named the Shaped Hexagon Toy.

With the plan that you can download on this page you can make a Spaghetti measuring tool, a perfect pasta-portioning tool.

With this simple free project you can make a Stomachion of Archimedes puzzle, a perfect way for kids to develop their logic skills while still having fun.

With the free project that you can download on this page you can make a famous dissection puzzle Tangram, a perfect educational gift for kids.

If you have a lot of ties and no space where to keep them in the closet, these three plans will help you to quickly make practical tie hangers.

On this page you can download two plans that can help you make wooden medieval toy castle, perfect project for your laser cutter.

We offer the plan for the round wooden trivet with scroll saw pattern. You can cut the pattern with the scroll saw technique or with the laser cutter

On this page you can download the plan for making wooden adjustable paper sorter, an attractive organizer for keeping documents and brochures close at hand for immediate retrieval.

In this page you can find free woodworking plan (2D drawings and laser cutting patterns) for making wooden truck crane model.